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Finding the Right POS System to Use with QuickBooks®

Long Island QuickBooks POS SystemHaving a Point of Sale (POS) system that works in harmony with your QuickBooks® accounting software is crucial for restaurants and retail businesses. The right system will allow you to streamline operations and record the kind of financial data your business requires, while the wrong POS system can waste a lot of your time and resources.

James Castaldo CPA & Associates can make sure you’re using a QuickBooks package that works symbiotically with your POS system. Our Long Island CPA firm is uniquely qualified to help businesses integrate technology into their everyday operations because we have a trained IT staff equipped with a solid accounting background. We can provide and install all the needed hardware and train you on how to use and maintain your new POS system. 

New Businesses Working with QuickBoooks

Many new business owners aren't sure how to tackle the prospect of finding a POS system that’s appropriate for their business. Or, they don’t consider how the new system will work with the accounting side of their business. If the POS system you choose doesn’t coordinate with QuickBooks, your managers could end up manually entering information from the POS system into QuickBooks in order to record the information you need. This is not only time consuming and frustrating for your staff, but can lead to errors in reporting. James Castaldo CPA & Associates is uniquely qualified to help you select the right POS system the first time and link both systems in a way that is efficient and accurate. If necessary, we can also find the hardware necessary to run the Point of Sale system and provide custom installation.

Existing Businesses Working with QuickBoooks

If your business already has a POS system that is not joined to your accounting software, we can help bridge the gap. Often times a POS system uses third party software that connects to accounting systems like QuickBooks. We can help navigate the questions and specifications needed to understand how to fuse the two components. We can also assist the software companies to correctly map to your chart of accounts, ensuring that all your financial data is correctly classified.